Your Profile contains all of the information about your current branding, configuration, maps, and subscription info.

Connection Strings

Connection Strings allow you to connect to a MS-SQL database instance.

  • Please verify the connection information is correct,

  • Choose to either not encrypt the connection, or trust the certifcate:

    • Encrypt=false;

    • TrustServerCertificate=True;


The branding tab enables you to brand your Excel documents with a custom logo, and colors. Using the built in display preview, adjust the coloring, and number of header rows to match the look and feel you're going for

Options / Config

Options and configurations allow you to specify various options including writing the CSV topline and fine-tuning the decimal scale.

Please note that changing the scale above 5 will likely cause issues with loading excel files, as the default rounding precision from Excel is 5. Only set this option when dealing with a high scale CSV file.

Map Manager

Map Manager allows you to upload custom maps for the system to use, identify, and automap. You are also able to download the "raw" versions of built in maps to use and modify.

If you've turned off Yardi maps in the options section, it won't display any Yardi maps here either. If you're seemingly missing maps, make sure either "Custom" and or "Yardi" are enabled in your options.


This section is how you manage your subscription, cancel auto-renewal or get to the billing portal.


You can easily change your password from here while you are signed in. If you forgot your password, please click the "Forgot" button during the login screen to be sent an email to begin the reset process.

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