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Watch and load CSVs

This example uses a file watcher to scan for CSV's and parse them into a DataTable. It prints the info about it.
PerigeeApplication.ApplicationNoInit("Watcher Demo", (c) =>
c.AddDirectoryWatch("CSV", "C:\\temp\\Watch", "*.csv", SearchOption.AllDirectories, (ct, l, path) => {
//Read the CSV
var CSVData = CSVReader.ToDataTable(path, out var rRes);
//Reprt on it
l.LogInformation("Read CSV {file}[{encoding}]. Columns/Rows: {col}/{row}; Delimiter: {delChar}; Jagged? {jagged}",
Path.GetFileName(path), rRes.FileEncoding.EncodingName, rRes.ColumnCount,
CSVData.Rows.Count, rRes.FinalDelimiter, rRes.RowShifts.Count > 0 ? "YES" : "NO");
//You'll notice the file gets moved to the _Failed Folder (Due to DirectoryWatchFailurePolicy supplied below)
// Watcher expects the file to be removed after it's processed to prevent infinite loops
}, policy: ThreadRegistry.DirectoryWatchFailurePolicy.MoveToFailedFolder);