⁉️Troubleshooting Credentials

If you are having issues with the credential store, please verify a couple of things. More than likely, it's one of the following issues:


Verify that you are not setting the current working directory to something outside of the executable while the Perigee is initializing.

A typical load cycle for a Perigee Application looks like this:

//Initialize Perigee, and configure credentials
PerigeeApplication.ApplicationNoInit("App", (c) => {

   CredentialStore.RegisterConnectionString("main", "main_test");
   CredentialStore.RegisterRefresh("customCred", (o) => {});

This verifies that the current working directory and pathing is correct. This will load the credential file under $WorkingDirectory/credentialStore/credentials.[pcb|pce] depending on the encryption settings.

Initialize outside Perigee

See the documentation in PerigeeApplication.

Naming the Credential

Unless you've got a VERY specific reason to do so, please don't name the credential. The reason is that you want the RefreshName to match the CredentialName.

In the below BAD example, we're naming it "DiffName", this will cause the credential to be persisted as this name, not "customCred". - the refresh name. If the application was to request a new credential it would forcibly refresh every time as the stored credential name is different.

CredentialStore.RegisterRefresh("customCred", (o) => {
    return new CredentialStoreItem() { Name = "DiffName", Expiration = DateTimeOffset.UtcNow.AddHours(1) };

//Forcibly calls refresh method every time, since the persisted name is different
var c = CredentialStore.GetCredential("customCred");

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