Another integration pattern is limiting the number of calls that can be made during a given period of time. This is important when rate limiting or billing may be an issue and is a perfect stop gap for a critical failure causing an erroneous number of API calls or running up an unwanted bill!

The Limiter auto resets it's count on the defined TimeSpan, and will not allow additional executions past the defined limit.

using Perigee;
using Perigee.Extensions;

PerigeeApplication.ApplicationNoInit("Limiter", (c) =>

    c.AddRecurring("Limiter", (ct, l) => {
    using var APILimit = new RateLimiter("RateLimiter.json", 2, TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1), ct);

    if (APILimit.CanExecute())
        //Perform action
        l.LogInformation("Calling API {n}/{x} executions", APILimit.GetCount(), APILimit.GetLimit());
        l.LogInformation("Out of executions...");

 [16:35:07 INF] Calling API 1/2 executions
 [16:35:13 INF] Calling API 2/2 executions
 [16:35:18 INF] Out of executions...

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