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Case Studies

Over the final few years in development we have worked closely with other companies to test, refine, and apply Perigee to their business needs. Here are a few testimonials of successfully implementing Perigee in their current production applications.

Parallel Transformation Task

With the assistance of Perigee we utilized the powerful set of parallel processing libraries to speed up our customer data transformation process by a little over %500,000 - from hours to microseconds. Perigee made this possible for us.

Multi-Agent Daily Refresh Tasks & Scheduling

Perigee allowed us to schedule our complicated daily refresh processes with ease. The “Sync Agents” allowed us to build up a tiered and structured refresh system that follows our requirements. We get reports sent to our team with the status of every job after they complete so we can easily monitor the process. It’s been running for almost a year now and through the logging has helped us identify multiple outages on our third party system.

Daily Integration Process With Notifications

Perigee serves as the foundation for our daily integration and data mapping between source systems. It enables us to schedule synchronizations daily, with the flexibility to initiate ad-hoc syncs as needed. The powerful logging allows us to query our database for each step of the refresh process on a per-transaction basis. In case of any issues, we receive instant notifications on our devices, making us aware of system outages within minutes.

Azure/Graph - Custom Sharepoint Workflow

We used Perigee to work directly with Microsoft Graph and Azure Service Bus to enable a custom Sharepoint solution for our analysts. Perigee handles the daily Authentication requirements, and provides us with an easy way to temporarily turn off the service bus when applying patches to our code base. We saved several hundred development hours by using Perigee.

Email Data Processor

Our email bot has processed thousands of files over the past 8 months, all thanks to Perigee's IMAP connector. It features a robust SDK that allows us to receive files, respond with dynamic HTML, and process the results as we get new requests. Perigee enabled our team to finish this task with minimal effort and saved weeks of development time.

Empowered Our Client Website's Query Functionality

Perigee has empowered our company to efficiently process and prepare large hierarchical documents, owing to its parallel processing and NestedSet helpers. We can effortlessly query the document hierarchy and pose complex questions from the UI, which would be impossible without the data preparation carried out by Perigee.

Transformation Engine

We build a powerful transformation engine powered by the incredible CSV reader provided by Perigee. We're able to load, process, and transform customer data at lightning speed - far better than anything we tried previously.