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SalesForce Watcher

SalesForce Demo

To see the full demonstration of connecting to SalesForce, see the page dedicated to the SalesForce Connector
PerigeeApplication.ApplicationNoInit("SalesForce Demo", (c) => {
//Replace the details here
var x509 = new X509Certificate2();
c.AddSalesForceWatch<SFAccount>("WatchAccounts", "Account", "ConsumerKey", "ConsumerSecret, "User", x509, "login",
(ct, log, updated, deleted) => {
//updated records, bound back to an SFAccount class
foreach (var item in updated)
Console.WriteLine($"[{}] {item.AccountName}({item.Type})");
//Deleted ID's, along with the deleted date
foreach (var item in deleted)
Console.WriteLine($"{} - {item.deletedDate:G}");